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DPFL Division 2 Playoffs !!!

Good Morning All!

Congratulations to all those who made the playoffs!!! The knockout round is now live!!

Here are the final standings of the group stage!

Top player in the group wins a $25 DPFL Shop Gift Card! ( Already sent out ! )

Thank you to all players that took part in DPFL Season 7! We hope you had a great time and hope to see you back for DPFL Season 8!

Make sure to check out the DPFL Blind Draw Masters, King of the Hill, and DPFL Player Championship to get your dart fix on!

As well for everybody who didn't make the Playoffs and for all newbies!!!

The DPFL Challenger Series!!

We have also created the DPFL Challenger’s Series. This is a single elimination knockout tournament for any players that did not make the playoffs.

One will be for averages 64.99 and below. One will be for averages 64.99 and higher. You can sign up here!

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for DPFL’s Second Live Event August 17th through 20th 2023 at Reunion Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. $75000 will be on the line!!!!

Once again thank you to all the players that make DPFL possible! We appreciate every single one of you! Without you all DPFL is not possible!

Stay tuned to for all the latest news and updates!

As always if you ever have questions or need assistance, please reach out to @Admin !

Division 2 Playoff admin is Brian Herbert As always we will post everything in your discord channel !!

Here are the Final Rankings !!!

Laprocina, Jason Jones, Jimmie Murphy, Paula Law, Matt Buettner, Michael West, Keith Armstrong, Carey McDowell, Stephen Zimmerman, Aaron Wilson, Craig Cox, Michael Trotter, Duane Wey, TIm Gardner, David Rose, William Tofil, Dave Robinson, Mark McLendon, Robert Butters, Scott Kipling, Dan Page, Euan Fortier, Yvon Cullen, Tony Kruse, Terry Viray, Rodrigo Donovan, Tim Achgill, David Bourassa, Jamey Thiele, Christopher Lengyel, John Mundy, Brian Howells, Matthew Schneider, Nick Allen, Jesse Litterine, Jared Wendt, Bryan Hammond, Peyton Treanor, Mark Farley, Brad Forsythe, Colin Muller, Donald Moss, Cody Shuler, Joshua Warnock, Ron Bernard, Ray Horn, Gary Delessio, Joseph Aquino, Benigno Walls, Roy McDonald, Jeff Sisco, Todd Kleinsteuber, Keith Applin, Mark Whalen, Dustin Bundock, Michael Massimiani, Tony Cherneskie, Alex Taraskiewicz, Ian Phares, Ben Sheppard, Cory Trzeciak, Grant Knispel, Ray Carey, Mike Lowe, Mark Walker, Vince Collier, Matt Carter, Lewis Mahlberg, Zach Runge, Larry Garcia, Marcos Davis, David Post, Michael Celicious, Leonel Baes, Red Cline, Matthew Lougheed, Ken McCreery, John December, Brad Marshall, Johnathan Blake, Alwin Frean, Tony Swanson, Charlie LaBrutto, Michael Criss, Jayson Moquin, Paul Johnson, Jon Bauer, Todd Begis, Bill Jarzombek, Steven Bartlett, Brandon Phipps, Dustin Watt, Connor Smyth, Brent Konrad, Marco vd Veen, Ben Snowball, Clayton

Groups, seeding and playoffs are attached.

We appreciate all of you and hope to see you soon in season 8, in the challenger series or even at our 75000 Dollar live event !!!

Let the Games begin !!!! Playoffs BABY !!! Bring it on !!!!

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