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Brandon Goddard winner of the DPFL Players Championship

DPFL Players Championship Finals

Winner, qualified for the Live Championship Event and a free room in a Villa + 200 Dollars:

Brandon Goddard

Runner up and qualified for the Live Championship Event + 100 Dollars

Elliot Milk

Top 4 and qualified for the Live Championship Event + 50 Dollars

Jason Brandon

Brian Mercer

Top 8

Andy Kinder

Jimmie Jones

Roger Carter

Alex Spellman

If you were already qualified for the Championship Event, you will automatically get the highest seed possible amd the next one in line of the DPFL Oom will get the lower seed for the DPFL Championship Event !

I hope you guys enjoyed this format.. we will start it all over again and come up with even more competitions and options for all of you !!!

Here are the full stats of the Event:

Please let me know if you accept your seeded spot so we can take care of everything...

you can also sign up for all events for the 2023 DPFL 2nd Live Event and save 10%

we appreciate all of you and hope you enjoyed this series !!!!!

we also will publish everything tomorrow night !!!!

Congrats to all of you !!!!

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