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DPFL is now SPONSORED and partnered up by/with

Zweeler Fantasy Sport Games

Our new Season 7 will be Zweeler DPFL Darts Online League and as well Zweeler DPFL Live Championship in AUGUST 2023!!

Means in short for our DPFL Season 7 and as well for our DPFL Live Championship Event you can create your teams and actually buy in and win a decent amount of money !!

WE are working currently on our DPFL Order of Merit as you might noticed.. This has an influence on the Value of each Player as well your Stats which Dartconnect provides us already!

Basically ALL of OUR DPFL SEASON 7 Players will be in the System and you can get them on your Team and gain points with the individual Players.

Sign up for Zweeler DPFL Season 7 right here:

Currently ongoing is the CAZOO Darts World Championship !! You can get in there, get your Teams ready and participate in the pools.. Same for the FIFA World Cup and a lot of other Events.

So this is the first step in the Gambling world for North American Darts and to gain more traction in that section…..

We would appreciate you if you would support this and get involved !! To blow this up and get what we need to grow the sports, the payouts and the attendance for the Darts Events!!

Thank you for your Support !!!

LETS GO BIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More news and announcement will follow in the next two weeks!!! More to come !!!

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