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GATES & HARRIS DPFL Scolia Cup Champs !!!

Leonard Gates and Nick Harris are the new owner of Scolia Pros !!!! Leonard won the Division above 65 in a great Final over Norman Madhoo 3-1 after Sets.... Again impressive... Leonard played out of his hotel room since he was attending the Charlotte Open!! After a long week of Darts he went another 40 Legs in !!!! Just unbelievable this Guy !!!! Nick Harris was able to pull the win over James Green who was twice in the lead after Sets... but Harris kept his avg solid and his outs as well.. He won 3-2 over James Greene - as well known as Games Greene ( Check him out on Twitch and Facebook )

Here are the Final Brackets !!!!

Thanks to all 89 participants !!!! See y'all in Season 6 !!!! Dont forget to sign up on !!! #DPFL #DPFLScoliaCup

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