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DPFL Season 5

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Registrations are open !!!

Sign up now !!!

Be part of the largest Online Darts Community !

Go Big or go home !!!

Share this post to make DPFL 2022 a huge success !!! we will also give away a few ipad gen2’s for every 75 Shares !!!!!

So Support us !!!!

NA’s probably worlds Largest Online League!

Conquer the DPFL Rankings!!! Play in our Leagues, DRT’s, Monthly Events as well in our 4 Live Events!!! And make it to the top 64 in your Division to enter the Championship Final Live and in Person !!! Huge Payouts !! In every Division !!!!

Be part of this growing community !!!

Season start will be 31st of January

Registration Cutoff 25th of January

Players from all over the World are welcome… We also have European sponsors so you are also eligible for coupons and discounts !

Sponsored by Top Brands L-Style, Winmau, EDW, DZ-Dartshop, Scolia and Florida Commercial Care and a few more!

Payouts will be OVER $15000 !!

Multiple Chance to get the Hands on something..

Top 16 in your Division, Winning your Group in your Division, Winning Supercup 1 or 2, Winning the Across the Pond cup

Not just cash Prices, all winners of the Division will receive a DPFL S5 Champion Jersey

Winning the Super Cup will Give you a nice cash amount as well Trophys shipped home.. And much more!!!

Pretty simple rules and requirements: One Match per week + 1 Supercup Match Open scheduling, you'll set your time and date with your opponent !! ( Sunday - Sunday ) All Matches will be 501 SIDO 2 Devices needed ( one to score through DC Dartconnect and one for the Video call Discord recommended Fb Messenger optional ) Discord and Dartconnect account required

Multiple skill based Divisions Premier Division ( +75 avg ) Division 1 ( 74.99 -65.00 avg ) Division 2 (64.99 - 55.00avg ) Division 3 (54.99 and below ) Women's Division Youth Division ( Free Entry )

A lot of Perks, Discounts, Raffles and Coupons - Live Streams - Sponsor Discounts - Raffles -*Coupons - Giftcards - Free Supercup with Payout - Across the Pond Supercup

Entry Fee will be $39 all perks are included Free Entry for youth players!

To sign up fill out the order Form:

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