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DPFL Scolia Cup !!!

DPFL Scolia Cup !!!!

You want a Scolia system ??

Win worlds best automatic scoring System!!!!

$25 Entry Fee

LIMITED to 32 Players in each Event !!! Avg Based Events !!! 65+ Avg and 65 and below avg !!!

Dates: Scolia Cup 1 - Sunday May 1st 6pm est Scolia Cup 2 - Sunday May 15th 6pm est Scolia Cup 3 - Sunday May 29th 6pm est Scolia Cup 4 - Sunday June 19th 6pm est Scolia Cup 5 - Sunday June 26th 6pm est

Scolia Cup Final - Sunday July 10th 6pm est

5 Events + Championship Event

Winner of Events will receive free Entry to the Championship Tournament + $100 cash

Winner of each Division ( in the Championship Tournament ) will receive a Scolia Pro System !!

Runner up 200 Dollars cash in the Championship Event! Requirements: Dartconnect account Dartconnect established avg. Discord

Get your entry right here:

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