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DPFL S6 Playoffs Division 1


DPFL SEASON 6 PLAYOFFS DIVISION 1 The toughest Playoffs in Online Darts !!! While you could take a loss in the Round Robin, and fix it in the next game… You are not able to fix those mistakes or Bad days!!! Now is the time to play your best games !!!! The Playoffs will be Best of 21 And the Finals will be Best of 23 !!! Don't forget.. You are now in a Bracket… That means if you don't play your match in time the next round has to wait… and it won’t be fair to take that time off the next players.. SO PLEASE KEEP YOUR SCHEDULE !!! ONE MATCH PER WEEK !!! NOT PLAYED BY MONDAY NIGHT WE WILL HAVE TO FORFEIT IT !!!! Now to this Division we have 50 Players advanced from the Round Robin The Top 14 Players are Seeded 10 Group winner 4 Best 2nd Place player Prelim Round has to be finished by Monday the 17th of October !!!! ( No excuses or exempts ) Since the Playoffs are seeded by Group ranking and then individual avg to determinate who the best 2nd place player, 3rd place there is a chance you are really close together with your previous Group opponents... You can find the Board number ( will change now in the playoffs ) in your Bracket / you also received an email or sms and i will attach it here! Bracket will go live in a few and you can schedule your matches! Please post your matches here when you schedule it as well schedule your matches in this channel ! so we can keep track and know whats going on ! Seeds and Playoffs are attached !!! Good luck and Shoot well !! Team DPFL

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