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D2 RR - Completed !! Here are all rankings !!


DIVISION 2 ROUND ROBIN - COMPLETED !!!! Here are the Final Rankings!!! Congrats who made the Playoffs.. there were some close calls and some decisions only by one leg!!! Tough groups.. As we always say you have to play your best... Ans as you know, DPFL Playoffs are the toughest one !!!! Again we appreciate everyone who participated in this Season.. !! As some of y'all know we have big things coming up !!! August 19/20/21 everybody who finished the League will be eligible to register for the Live event !!! Flyer and info will come up soon !!! All i can say is $40000 plus !!!!!! Hope to see all of you in Season 6 ! Scolia Cup and Doubles Online League will come soon as well !! SIGN UP on to stay up to date.. and get the latest news !!!!! Stay tuned!!!

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