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Coming in a just 5' tall this lady is a giant.

Fresh off her new promotion this VP is a giant in the financial world and also in darts.

Tina Russo curranty out of Jefferson Hills via South Park Pennsylvania has ben throwing darts from the young age of 21.

On the town with some friends and started playing with house darts at local pub and the rest is history.

Now she throws with 9 dart out Tazor 20.5gm with a Fit Flight carbon spinner #3 and super slim(soft tip) shape(steel).

Since 2008 up until covid, Tina was in the woman's A list for Arachnid Bullshooter. She also has earned her professional status with the ADA.

She also is 1 of few women to participate in every DPPITT and currently sits just outside the top 16.

9DartOut and Extreme Darts are on board to help Tina travel and play this game that she loves

I asked Tina who she looks up to. Stacy Bromberg was the 1st name she gave me. She would have loved to sit down and chat with the former champ. Danny Baggish is the other name. Tina admires his passion and drive for the game, making his dream a reality.

Tina's future goals for her dart career is to regain her A status and move up to AA status as well retain her ADA pro status.

Finish top 16 in the DPPITT and of course win the ever so tough DPFL women's division.

Tina has been competitive since the age of 6 when her and her horse Snowy (dance on ice) did show jumping.

We look forward to seeing what Tina has in store for us next.

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