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KoTH Champ September - Brian Mercer !!!

DPFL King of the Hill September 2022 - Cricket came to an end last night and **Brian Mercer** was able to win it again !!

He had to put in a lot of work this time... 63 Matches needed !!!! 417 Legs played !!!

Brian was followed by:

Ray Morgan - 55 Matches - 344 Legs played

Stan Harmon - 29 Matches - 192 Legs played

Steve Warnock - 24 Matches - 156 Legs played

We had this month 54 Players !

We streamed it twice over 3 hours.. and it was a lot of fun !!!

DPFL King of the October will be 301 DIDO

we had in the first night already 21 sign ups !!

Get in early to get your matches in!!

Sign up right here:

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