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DPFL KING of the Hill - July 2023 501DIDO bo7

DPFL KOTH 501DIDO Action !!!

Registrations for King of the Hill July 2023 is open now...


Play as many matches as you want !

JULY will be 501 Double in / Double out Best of 7

Monthly Event !!

Runs always from the 1st of the month till the last Day of the month

NEW DPFL dynamic ELO Ranking !

Climb up the Ranking !!

And win your spot at the DPFL Championship event!

Perfect way to get prepped for S8 and get used to the platform...!!

Sign up right here:

- Players may play as many Matches as Desired

- Utilizing DPFL New Elo Ranking System

- Months may Switch Formats in the Future

- $10 Monthly Fee to Participate / one time per month

How DPFL Koth / Kiong of the Hill works

1. Fill out the Registration for June ( $10 )

2. Communicate with Players in discord to get matches in

#call-outs Channel

3. Call someone out and block your Call out till the match is played! Through discord, Facebook or any other Platforms. Make sure the called out person paid the initial sign up fee and is registered for KOTH ( $10 one time fee per month! )

4. Play your Match - June is 501DIDO Best of 7

5. Report the Match with the Link in the Discord channel #match-reports

( Host of the Match should report the matches since he will get a guaranteed Match report )

6. DPFL will enter your result in the DPFL ELO Ranking

7. Play as many matches as you want.... And keep that top spot.

Top 4 will be in the payouts!!

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