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DPFL Twisted Madness

Introducing the DPFL Twisted Madness: Sunday Funday Event!

Join us for a thrilling and unconventional darts experience.
In this event, we're turning the game upside down with a twist on the traditional 301 DIDO format. Get ready for some excitement!

The tournament will be a SINGLES Event and single elimination.

Best of 5
301 DIDO
PDC Cork Rule after that alternating start !


To participate, you must have a Dartconnect competition card with an average of 55 and below !

Unique Dartboard Rotation: Prepare for a twist unlike any other! We'll be rotating the dartboard before we start the event.
How does it work?
We'll spin a wheel, and wherever it lands, the 20 section of the board will be rotated where the will landed on ! 
It adds an element of surprise and challenge to keep you on your toes! 


Unranked Event: 

Please note that this event is not ranked, allowing you to enjoy the competition in a more relaxed setting.

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