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2nd DPFL Live Event Sponsoring

For this year we are offering different Packages to be Part of North Americas highest Payout Event !

You can buy as well just single Options... ( You can only choose one Option in the Form, if you want to add Options you would have to do different transactions).

If you are interested in Sponsoring an Event reach out to us and fill out the Form below and we will reach out !

We offer also Booth options... This means you will be able to sell your Products and promote your company. We will provide tables you bring your Products !!

TO grow this event we need all your support to make it even better and make this North Americas finest Event !!

Event FLyer is currently in the works and will be released soon !!... If you want already secure an Event to sponsor reach out to us.. we can give you all needed information ( email to SMS to Tim Wey 2523499306 )

Here are Options:


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Low Ton Package.jpg
T80 Package.jpg
VIP Package.jpg

Sponsor now !

Help us make a difference

Select an item ($)
im interested in sponsoring a whole Event and the VIP Package - Reach out to me !
Im interested in having a booth and sell or promote my Products

Thank you for your Support

If you chose the Board Sponsoring or the Commercial Video or any Packages with those included we will reach out to you to get the logos and needed information...

For any additional questions feel free to reach to or send a sms to Tim Wey 252-349-9306

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DPFL Darts - worlds largest Online League 

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